N.M furnishers are the one-to-go source for exotic furniture, home and office furniture gear that will make your dream life come true. Our products fulfill the desire of having the most refined and stylish furniture for our customers. We aspire to combine beauty and functionality to create a perfect ambiance for our customers. We have a creative and affordable solution for creating a perfect setting with a balanced blend of form, color, and arrangement. We offer a wide range of quality furniture, starting from the furniture to the flooring to furniture, wall and window treatment and accessories variety of furnishing products to give the optimum fulfillment to the people who matter to us. We have a dedicated team of expert craftsmen who leave no stone unturned to manufacture outstanding furniture without compromising quality. Our process compliments the relevant international standards, and our materials are sourced from quality-approved suppliers. We design and manufacture a wide range of furniture and lifestyle products that complement our customers’ contemporary and trendy lifestyles. All the N.M furnisher’s products are manufactured in our modern, purpose-built factory, with ISO 9001-2008 certification industry standard procedures and processes.


To reliably deliver goods and services on the verge of excellence that encounters or surpasses consumers’ hopes! Our mission is to cautiously design and produce furniture with admiration for people, the environment, and the constituents. Our products are mass-produced in a proper environment with advanced and nominal usage of resources. All the while, we are valuing our self-determination and inventive countenance. Our products are mass-produced in a heavenly setting. We check the workplace environments and frequently recognize the handicrafts worker directly. Our accountability is to pay a fair amount to guarantee a dressed profit for the manual workers and their families.


Our vision is to be a guiding global furniture producer contributing ground-breaking and premium quality products. This declaration replicates our purpose and expectations for the future, inspiring aspects that drive us headlong. We deliver the finest worth-for-money goods complemented by the superlative service in the business, exact from design to delivery.