About US !

The way you furnish the space around you reflects on your lifestyle and the value you keep putting to make it fabulous. N.M furnishers is the one to-go source for the exotic furniture,home and office furniture gear that will make your dream life come’s true.
Our Furniture us specially designed for those who have an eye for the quality products and look for an affordable solution for the requirements.Our products fulfill the desire of having the most refined and stylish furniture for homes,office and commercial spaces.
We aspire to combine beauty and functionality to create a perfect ambiance for our customers.We have creative and affordable solution for creating a flawless setting with balanced blend of the form,color and arrangement.
Our Products are a great fusion of the contemporary and classic designs that are suitable for the people of all walks of life.Staring from furniture to the flooring to furniture,wall and windows treatment and accessories variety of furnishing products.
We offer a wide range of quality furniture to give the optimum fulfillment to the people who really matter to us.We are here to fill the colors of delight in your life through our quality products.

At N.M we are constantly working to further enhance the lifestyles of our valuable clientele in Pakistan and abroad. We believe that the first impression is the one that lasts, and furniture represents ones taste and ones lifestyle. To this end we work hard to ensure that the N.M customers stand apart from others.

Our goal and desire is to provide customers with something distinctive and exclusive. We believe that furniture should not only please the eye but also enhance its surroundings. Classic furniture has been popular throughout the time; it has with stood the test of time and has always remained popular. Our aim is thus to ensure that this classic furniture looks good even in modern environment..

The company began with the humble roots of furniture and wood in 1977 and has been a successful name in the domestic market ever since. N.M. is the largest single floor showroom of Pakistan. The company has a well managed production line comprising dedicated staff, skilled labor, the most modern machinery and a stock of quality seasoned wood. The ISO 9001-2000 certification is another acknowledgement to N.M. quality and management.

At N.M we lay enormous emphasis on customer satisfaction. We believe that every piece of furniture needs to embody both uniqueness and perfection within its setting. To this end we pay a great deal of attention to the design, quality of fabric and all the accessories attached to it. We translate dreams into those furniture pieces that fit our customers desires. To better serve our customers we also ensure safe delivery.

Because of our fresh approach, we at N.M have already established our name in the industry but it does not stop at that. We are constantly striving to improve our services to our clientele.

N.M.s esteemed and most valuable customers include ambassadors, government, semi government and private organizations, well known hotels, banks, multi national companies. In the international sphere we are proud to supply to keen collectors and renowned retailers in Europe, America and Middle East.